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Agile Leadership

Business Agility

Agile Business Patterns

Agile Transformation

Agile Architecture

Agile Portfolios

Agile Business Units

Agile Customer Segments

Agile Value Propositions

Agile Innovation

Agile Programs

Agile Projects

Agile Teams

Agile Culture

Agile Mindset

Thought Leadership

Thousands of companies have already benefited from Enterprise Scrum.

We provide the following services:


  • CSM, CSPO and CSD Private Classes - the same quality, high value and intensity of public classes but with the ability to customize the content to better serve a private customer
  • CSM, CSPO and CSD Public Classes - the highest quality, value and intensity offered in public Scrum courses -- guaranteed!
  • Enterprise Scrum classes.  Learn how to apply Scrum at the company, business process, project portfolio, and project levels.
  • ScrumStartup classes.  Learn how to apply Scrum for entrepeneurship at startups.


  • Enterprise Scrum Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring - Do you want to ensure Scrum is implemented correctly for one or several projects?  We provide hands-on coaching and mentoring for Product Owners, ScrumMasters or Teams in all aspects of Scrum -- from the details of single team meetings, artifacts and roles, to the most advanced implementations involving massive scaling and distribution!
  • Enterprise Scrum Transformation Consulting - You are not sure about how to go about your Enterprise Transformation -- we can provide assessments and consulting for your transformation plans, as well as hands-on help in the transformation process.


  • Enterprise Scrum Contracting (ScrumMasters and Developers) -- Do you need some help implementing Scrum?  We can help with a variety of Scrum resources, from Scrum Masters to developers as team members.


  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting -  Are you building a complex product, or a series of inter-related products?  We can provide the best architectural consulting based on experience and technical depth through architectural patterns and principles, and related organizational patterns.