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Thousands of companies have already benefited from Enterprise Scrum.


ScrumStartup is a technique to manage startups.  It uses most of the concepts from LeanStartup but uses Scrum as a general execution framework to manage the entire entrepreneurial empirical process.

As such it wraps a market release with a Type C overlapping Scrum that includes:

  • Strategy (Blue Ocean/Red Ocean, Porter’s (cost, focus, differentiation, 5 force analysis),
  • Marketing (Market Analysis, focus groups, interviews, market tests and feedback, Kano model, etc.),
  • Development (Design Thinking, Scrum, XP practices, etc.), and
  • Market Testing (MVP, split-tests, measured customer feedback, etc.) as if they were phases of a project.

The result is that ScrumStartup provides a very efficient learning cycle for startups – or any other entrepreneurship endeavor.

Learn faster with ScrumStartup and either arrive at the unmatched opportunities of the Blue Ocean you always dreamed faster...  or beat your competitors decisevely in a Red Ocean.