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Use 🦄 Enterprise Scrum for:

  • Agile Leadership
  • Business Agility
  • Agile Business Patterns
  • Agile Transformation
  • Agile Architecture
  • Agile Portfolios
  • Agile Business Units
  • Agile Customer Segments
  • Agile Value Propositions
  • Agile Innovation
  • Agile Programs
  • Agile Projects
  • Agile Teams
  • Agile Culture
  • Agile Mindset


Use 🦄 Enterprise Scrum to agilize: 

  • company management
  • startup management
  • marketing
  • sales
  • HW
  • SW
  • compliance management
  • transformation
  • education
  • asset management
  • portfolio management
  • HR
  • etc.


Thought Leadership

Thousands of companies are already benefiting from Enterprise Scrum.

Where can I learn more about Business Agility with Enterprise Scrum? 

Join our Facebook Group - Raise practice questions, share case stories, learn and connect with others whoe are improving, generalizing and scaling Scrum to agilize everything.


Public Training Classes


Certified Enterprise Scrum Instructors (CESIs) with certifications as Business Agility (CBAC) and/or Software Scailing (CSSC) coaches. 

Atlanta Shika Carter, (CESI, CBAC)
Boise, ID Bob Sarni, (CESI, CBAC)
Boston Samy Belhadj, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Chicago Javier Haro, (CESI, CBAC)
Chicago Michael Herman, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Chicago Amy Ikenn, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Chicago Lowell Lindstrom, (CESI, CSSC)
Chicago Emilio Perez, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Chicago Juan Saldana, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Chicago Rick Waters, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Dallas Jaya Pattaswamy, (CESI, CBAC)
Denver Bryce Arii, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Dublin, OH Savannah Rayat, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Edinburgh/Berlin Simon Roberts, (CESI, CBAC)
Greensboro NC Mark Sheffield, (CESI, CBAC)
Guilford, CT Daniel Mezick, (CESI, CBAC)
London Karim Harbott, (CESI, CBAC)
London John McFadyen, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
London Abid Quereshi, (CESI, CBAC)
Mexico City Ulises S. Aguila, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Los Angeles Jon Jorgensen, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Moscow Marina Simonova, (CESI, CBAC)
New York Stacia Heimgartner, (CESI, CBAC)
New York Sue Ryu, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
New York James Schiel, (CESI, CBAC)
Peoria, IL Rakshan Syed, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Phoenix John Miller, (CESI, CBAC)
Raleigh-Durham, NC Catherine Louis, (CESI, CBAC)
San Diego Jay Goldstein, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Singapore Stuart Turner, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)
Washington DC Richard Cheng, (CESI, CBAC)
Washington DC Hriday Keni, (CESI, CBAC, CSSC)


Trainers and Coaches at Global Conference 2017