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Enterprise Scrum is a business-oriented, scalable, general empirical management and execution framework.  It can help manage with more agility any business process including Company Management, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Software Development, Basic Research, Compliance Management, Business Process Redesign, Entrepeneurship and Start-Ups, etc.

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We have experience in using Enterprise Scrum to agilize any business process.


  • Enterprise Scrum Definition 1.0 was released by Mike Beedle on March 29, 2014
  • Scrum Gathering Tokyo, January 2014, Mike Beedle provided the conference's keynote speech
  • ScrumPLOP Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2013, Mike Beedle will presented Scrum patterns
  • ScrumPLOP Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2012, Mike Beedle will presented patterns
  • Agiles, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct 2011, Mike Beedle presented Enterprise Scrum and taught the firest course on it
  • Agile Universe, August 2011, Mike Beedle will participate as one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto in the 10-year Agile Manifesto celebration!
  • Scrum Gathering China, Shanghai, June 2011, Mike Beedle will present a keynote speech, and teach a CSM class.
  • Agile Portugal, Porto, Portugal, June 2011, Mike Beedle will present Enterprise Scrum and teach a one day tutorial in Scrum
  • ScrumPLOP Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2011, Mike Beedle will present written patterns
  • Mike Beedle wrote an article for InfoQ
  • APLN, Chicago, March 2011, Mike Beedle presented Enterprise Scrum
  • IRAUG, February 2011, Mike Beedle presented "The future of Agile"
  • 10-year Agile Manifesto Workshop, February 2011, Mike Beedle participated
  • Scrum Gathering in Portugal in Febrary of 2011, Mike Beedle co-presented on session
  • Scrum Gathering in Amsterdam Holland, November 2010, Mike Beedle participated
  • OreDev conference in Malmo Sweden, November 2010, Mike Beedle presented 2 sessions
  • SoftServe Client Conference, Oct 2010, Mike Beedle presented "The Future of Agile"
  • Scrum Gathering March 2009, Orlando Florida, Mike Beedle participated
  • OOPSLA, October 2003, Mike Beedle was the organizer on the workshop of Agile Methods
  • Agile Alliance, Feb 2002, Mike Beedle was one of the co-founders and board member of the Agile Alliance
  • Agile Manifesto, Feb 2001, Mike Beedle co-wrote the Agile Manifesto 
  • ChiliPLOP, 1998, Mike Beedle was the organizer on the Org Patterns track
  • PLOP 1997, Allerton Park, IL, Mike Beedle presented the Scrum Patterns paper