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Use 🦄 Enterprise Scrum for:

Agile Leadership

Business Agility

Agile Business Patterns

Agile Transformation

Agile Architecture

Agile Portfolios

Agile Business Units

Agile Customer Segments

Agile Value Propositions

Agile Innovation

Agile Programs

Agile Projects

Agile Teams

Agile Culture

Agile Mindset

Thought Leadership

Thousands of companies have already benefited from Enterprise Scrum.

Please join us to discuss Enterprise Scrum at:

 Enterprise Scrum Discussion List


There you can interact with other people doing or interested in Enterprise Scrum, which may have similar interests, problems or solutions as you do.

We will be discussing 1) transformations, 2) organizational structure, 3) scaling, 4) distribution, 5) applying Scrum in ANY business environment at any level, 6) ScrumStartup -- using Scrum in startup environments delivering breakthrough productivity, etc.