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Thousands of companies have already benefited from Enterprise Scrum.


Our  team at Enterprise Scrum professionals includes many high-quality Scrum/Agile consultants, developers, trainers and coaches. 


Michael A. Beedle Ph. D.

Founder and CEO

Mike Beedle is an entrepreneur that not only has applied Scrum and Agile to start and operate several companies successfully (New Governance, Enterprise Scrum, Quant Traders, e-Architects, Framework Technologies, etc.), but has consulted for many large companies on how to apply Agile in the enterprise where there are many Agile Scrum teams working together.  He has been using Scrum, patterns and org patterns since 1995, and has applied these techniques to a multitude of projects in different domains. He is a co-author of the Agile Manifesto, the author of first Scrum book (Agile Software Development with Scrum) with Ken Schwaber, and the first published paper on Scrum, (SCRUM: “An extension pattern language for hyperproductive software development”).

Mike has introduced Scrum and Agile to thousands of people at hundreds of companies around the world. His current software companies New Governance and Quant Traders, use Agile and Scrum internally for the development of their products, as well as for their client’s custom software installations.

Mike is currently writing a new book with the title Enterprise Scrum - Agile Management for the 21st Century.